Nanny is someone (usually an adult) who completely invests in a child’s development unlike babysitter who is only there for a child for only few hours. A nanny’s duties include teaching a kid life skills such as potty training as well as Feeding, changing, bathing, helping child in doing homework. Nanny is expected to be fully committed to a child. In Gurukulacademyasr Institute we provide best nanny coaching Punjab for those who want to choose nanny career. Basically

A candidate during the nanny course learns about communication skills as well as interpersonal skills. This is one of the necessary things for nanny. Knowledge of health and safety is quite necessary for nanny career. Since a nanny has to live with the family so for emergency a nanny should have required knowledge about giving first aid properly.

Subjects and Syllabus

Nutritional need of Children:- Selected nanny should have a good friendly nature as they have to deal with different types of characters as welcoming children and parents in the morning and dealing with the children in various play activities such as painting, drawing, water play, toys, and sand, etc. Nanny should have good hygiene, discipline.

Hygienic Food & Feeding Practices:- We believe prevention is better than cure so we want the nannies to understand how important it is to childproof the home. We end the session discussing HIV and TB and the impact it can have on children in the private home and their own communities.

Emergency Treatment & First Aids:- The course is suitable for babysitters, grandparents, neighbours and friends and family. Learning first aid is a must for all, by learning these vital lifesaving first aid skills you can make a difference to some ones life.

OHS Processes:- Looking after children comes with its own set of responsibilities, but if you love their energy, enthusiasm and aptitude for learning, then being a professional nanny or childcare provider could be the ideal career for you.

Caring children With Physical Disabilities:- Often, a child with a special need looks the same as a typically developing child. A great analogy is salt and sugar – they look the same but have very different tastes and cooking properties. Children with disabilities may physically appear to be capable of performing on grade level or achieve social norms; however, they may struggle to follow directions, sit still, or socialize without prompting and guidance.