Diploma in Business Management is 1-year certificate program is related to the field of Business Management Education. This course of study provides students with an extensive understanding and knowledge of the practices and principles behind basic business management topics.

Diploma in Business Management course requires a minimum mark of 50 per cent in Higher Secondary Examination. This course is designed for students who want to gain the skills and practical expertise across Accounacy, marketing, risk management, and taxes & returns and operations to advance their careers in business or administration.

It is the best course for students interested in acquiring business and management skills right after 12th.

Subjects and Syllabus

Fundamentals Terms of Business Learning basic business terms is pivotal to improving your business acumen. Fortunately, you don't need an MBA to master key business concepts. This primer will walk you through the basic business terms in easy-to-understand ways.

Statistics of business Management Statistics is used in business for: appraisal of value, consumer surveys, hiring decisions, insurance, manufacturing, online business, real estate investing, rental housing, sales, and stock markets. Data analysis, regression, forecasting, hypothesis testing, and more are used in these fields.

Accounting with Telly In Tally software, accounting features are one of the important categories of company features. It consists of several configurations and functionalities which are used for accounting transactions and reports.

Taxes & Returns An amount of money that a government requires people to pay according to their income, the value of their property, etc., and that is used to pay for the things done by the government.

Merchandising Sales & Management Merchandising is the process of presenting products for sale in a retail environment in ways that influence shoppers' buying decisions, explains Management Study Guide. This includes determining the optimal shelf location for each product, building eye-catching displays that attract potential buyers, and using signage to provide pricing and other product information.