Gurukul Academy

Gurukul Academy Group is the global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and service sector. Gurukul Academy Group now offers a wide range of leading educational programs from professional and executive education. Gurukul Academy Group also offers consulting and certification services to companies and learning centers. True to its values and committed to building a sustainable world, Gurukul Academy Group's purpose is to provide education, services and working environments that are people-centered and open to the world.

In today’s global hospitality industry, managers need to have hospitality know-how and a broader set of strategic business skills to reach upper-level positions. To satisfy these requirements for companies and future hospitality professionals, we offer a wide array of hospitality management for people with varying backgrounds and career aspirations.

Subjects and Syllabus

Foundations of Hospitality Marketing:- This course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of Marketing and its application in the hospitality industry. In this course you will learn the meaning of Marketing in Hospitality; focusing on understanding customers and their decision making processes. The course offers a wide spectrum of knowledge on the main characteristics of a marketing plan and how to develop traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Food & Beverage Cost Control:- Food and beverage costs and labor costs are the primary cost generators in the hospitality industry. Leaders should look for ways to improve control and efficiently monitor these costs. There are six stages of food and beverage cost control: purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing, preparation and production, service, and sales control. All the stages are important for cost control.

Hotel Asset Management:- The goal and purpose of the Hotel Asset Management is to increase the value of the hotel real estate in the function as representative of the owner. To know exactly the objectives of the owner, client or employer is the foundation of our work. The Gurukul Academy is the link between all involved entities and matches as good as possible the interests of the owner and operator to achieve the best possible profit. Like all other commercial real estate asset classes, the profit defines the value of the real estate.

Hospitality Economics:- Hospitality Economics focuses on applying economic principles to analyze the hospitality industry. You will learn how to use rigorous economic theories and models to analyze the functioning of the hospitality industry and its current trends. We will focus on micro-foundations and analyze the impact of the hospitality industry on the aggregate economy..

Rooms Division Management:- Room division management is the process of overseeing the various components of a hotel’s rooms, suites and other lodging areas. This includes everything from maintaining cleanliness standards to the efficient scheduling of staff and services. Room division managers are responsible for setting prices, assigning tasks and managing customer expectations. They also ensure that all legal parameters related to the operation are met.